Improving learning through data

Products and Services

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Data integration and sharing service. Education Technology app store. Focus on data security and privacy.


ZiLINK for Moodle

Open Source Moodle integration for schools, automating user management and parental engagement.

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OpenData brings together open data and services related to education, presented as a free 5-star linked data platform. Gold certification from the Open Data Institute.


What We Do


Already trusted by over 750 schools and colleges and 12 leading software vendors. If your business relies on exchanging data with educational establishments and seeks to do it in the most cost-effective, reliable, legal and ethical manner, then ZiNET is the preferred choice.


We provide state-of-the-art secure data communications infrastructure, based on world leading industry standards. We are unifying and simplifying an otherwise fractured market by unlocking data from establishment silos, allowing our clients to realise the potential in that data, to be more agile, to rapidly develop new products and features, and access new international markets previously inaccessible to many.


Accessing and realising potential in data is a global priority

Data is pervasive

Education is going through a digital revolution, and no matter the technology used to support learning there is always a need for data.

Investment growth

The global education market is currently worth over $5 trillion (that's 3 times the Media and Entertainment Industry, and 8 times the size of the Software Market), but only 2% is digitised. Spending on Education Technology solutions are expected to reach $252 billion by 2020.